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Protect Your Computer

Purchase your subscription today for $15/month

Looking for an antivirus?  Why not upgrade?!

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection keeps your computer protected from malware, ransomware, and new threats by utilizing an advanced algorithm to check if files are malicious or not.  

You’ll never have to manually run a scan again.


  • Real-time Endpoint Protection – always on, even when your internet is not
  • Active Detection and Response – this software will stop malicious programs and even roll-back damage made by malicious programs
  • For Windows only – full roll-back available in the case of a successful ransomware attack

Protect Your Passwords

Purchase your subscription today for $10/month. 

Do you forget passwords? 

So do we – that’s why we use Passportal from SolarWinds.  This encrypted password manager allows you to store all of your passwords in one place.  

You remember ONE password, and let the manager handle everything else!

Passportal Features:

  • Login to websites with a single click (Plugins are available for browsers)
  • Setup folders to organize passwords
  • Generate strong, unique passwords

PLUS – Because Passportal is managed by Scion Solutions, if you lose your Master Password we can reset it for you.  Have the peace of mind that your passwords are secure, and your account is recoverable.