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Recently, Apple has said that "Apple products are very susceptible to malware." You don't want to miss this FREE webinar. One lucky person is going to get ONE full year of SentinelOne ($240 value). Thursday, June 24 from 6pm - 7pm PST. Register:

Mark your calendars for our next FREE webinar - our topic is Macs & Malware. It starts at 6pm on June 24, 2021. Stay tuned for more information as we gear up towards this impactful topic!

In a recent article Apples head of software admitted what a lot of us already know, and that is Apple products are very susceptible to malware. Join us on June 24th for our macs and malware webinar! (webinar Signup)
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Let Scion Solutions reduce your risks by implementing best practices & leveraging our enterprise experts and tools – you’ll never lose sleep again because you know you’re personal and business information is safe. LEARN MORE: #cybersecurity #sentinelone

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