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We make cybersecurity approachable, accessible, and attainable.

With candor, compassion, and good humor, we can create a safer internet.

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Stay safe, friends!

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We've featured a LOT of their tools (and there's more to come!), so we must feature the Electronic Frontier Foundation itself. The EFF is a non-profit with the mission to "ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world."

Vishing is phishing over the phone and using voice messages. These calls are from someone pretending to be a legitimate company in an attempt to get privileged information or to perform a privileged action.

Stay safe, friends!

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Food scams may seem silly, but there are so many links on the internet to recipes that have become the home of malware. Be sure that when you are browsing recipes, you always run device protection software when you are downloading from the internet.

Stay safe, friends!

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