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Why Should you care?

Good cybersecurity costs money. And right now, companies around the world are sinking millions of dollars into cybersecurity products. Why? Because they know that the safety of their information is the key to retaining their value. We think everyone should have these protections, not just companies.

How Do I Keep My Computer Safe?

Scion Solutions was founded in 2020 to answer this question

Our History

Ethan Butts and Kenny Brown met in college and started talking early about starting a company together. When Shea McHugh started working with Ethan at a cybersecurity company, she soon became a friend and, with their powers combined, Scion Solutions LLC was formed in 2020.


After years of protecting companies, Ethan and Shea wanted to build solutions that would protect their families and friends. Every person needs cybersecurity, and they were going to find a way to provide it!

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