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Our Mission: Protect from Malware

We’ve seen ransomware wreak havoc on people’s sense of safety.  We want to ensure that home users and micro businesses have the same protections available to them as larger corporations.



We can manage your cybersecurity

Running files on your computer can be extremely risky, but this device protection software understands what programs are supposed to do, and can block programs who break proper procedures.

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What We Do

Cyber Security

The best device protection softwares provide over 99% protection against malware.  Keep yourself safe from ransomware and malware. 

Virus and Spyware Removal

Already have ransomware or a virus?  We can help with removal and help you make decisions about what to do next.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

 Need more than 99% assurance?  Data backup provides an extra layer of protection by keeping data in a secured, cloud environment.


People Make mistakes

Most intrusions into companies, and subsequent breaches, occur because of mistakes made by people.  There are protections that large enterprises use to keep themselves safe from these sorts of mistakes, though they are just one piece of a larger cybersecurity mediation plan.

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