We know cyber security takes time and money – something we are all short on. And when we needed to help provide security for our own friends and families, we couldn’t find a product that did what we wanted. So we put on our engineering hats and got to work creating a company that provides that to home users.

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Protect Your Computer

Antivirus has become obsolete.  Now, software that analyzes what the computer is doing can tell what is malicious, even if it has never seen that code before.

When you are looking for a program to protect your computer, here is what to keep in mind:

  1.  Does the software run all the time, does it run scans on a schedule, or do I have to run scans?
    1. Does it use “signatures” to find malicious malware, or does it find malicious files based on behavior analysis?
    2. Does it run well on my computer, or does it slow it down?

    Finding a protection program that works best for you will depend on budget, your online activity, and the amount of time available to commit to reviewing your machine.


    Protect Your Accounts

    Passwords are the worst.

    Keeping one for every program is a pain.  Our human brains are not designed to remember long strings of words, numbers, or letters.  So, instead of using the same password for every site, let a program handle it for you.

    PassPortal is the password manager we use here at Scion Solutions, but there are many on the market. 

    When you are looking for a password manager, here are some things to consider:

    1. What device do I want to run this on?  Some programs run just on Mac, just on Windows, or have phone and browser applications available.
    2. How does the password manager encrypt your passwords?
    3. What recovery options are there for your Master Password?
    4. How easy is it to use?

    Finding a solution that works for you is critical, because a Password Manager only works if it is used.  Utilizing a Password Manager, however, will relieve the stress of remembering every password and the trial of resetting accounts.

    Protect Yourself

    The most insecure part of technology is people.

    Humans are amazing beings – our ability for cognition and imagination are stunning, but we have some key faults.  One is that our pattern-finding brain likes to skip over details we think we already know, and that’s exactly what hackers exploit to get past great security applications.

    BreachSecureNow offers weekly cybersecurity training, with videos and quizzes, to help you improve your overall cybersecurity awareness and education.  Feel more confident in your ability to handle what the web has to offer!

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